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Wholesale Ordering

From Pallets to Containers, We Have You Covered!

We offer bulk/wholesale ordering for personal use and resale. Wholesale Minimum amount is one pallet.

One Pallet of 5KG Blocks = 220 Units
One Pallet of 650g Bricks = 1,920 Units
One Pallet of 50L Loose Bags = 90 Units

One 40' Container of 5KG Blocks = 4,400 Units
One 40'Container of 650g Bricks = 38,400 Units
One 40' Container of 50L Loose Bags = 1,800 Units

Shipping FOB to Port of Choice.
Buyer can coordinate their own shipping if they choose.

Pallets Start at $1,220
Containers Start at $10,200

Price/unit improves with scale.

Warehouse Locations: Corona, CA & Minneapolis, MN

Containers Ship From: Colombo, Sri Lanka Standard Lead Time 30 Days.

Contact Sales:
Minneapolis, Minnesota

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6130 Blue Circle Drive
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50 Wyman Road
Jaffna, Sri Lanka
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