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Where it all began.

April 2002
JT, Janan and Janan’s cousin, Priyan Guntilake Ph.D., establish a new venture to develop and launch a proprietary energy technology business based in San Diego, California.

December 2004
A catastrophic tsunami makes landfall in Sri Lanka, displacing thousands amidst a brutal civil war that had been raging since 1983.

April 2005
Janan and JT create their first humanitarian venture to build 325 new homes for the Sri Lankan’s displaced and living in temporary structures..  The project proved difficult as the construction site bordered the aggressive fighting between the Tamil Tigers and Sri Lankan Army.

May 2009
The 26 year Civil War come to an end, however, the country remains unsafe for travel due to the significant number of active landmines in place.

July 2012
Janan makes his first trip home after leaving 3X years ago.  His father had owned numerous businesses including an aluminum rolling mill, two private hospitals, a textile factory, the Tamil newspaper and a private 40 acre coconut plantation.  All of which were destroyed during the war.

February 2014
Janan donates family land and provides financial support to build the first primary school following the war.  The site also hosts a community center, women’s clinic and the districts administration offices.

May 2016
Janan approaches JT with a plan to replant the plantation and build a coconut processing facility to create jobs and economic development for the region.  JT agrees to fund the project with its mission to hire those wounded from the war and hire women as there exists 30,000 ladies widowed from the war.  Together Sakti Agro was born and has since become a Sri Lankan Board of Investment Company which means…higher than average wages, medical facilities, etc.  Additionally, a 10 year plan was created to use profits to build schools throughout the Northern Province while providing nutritious meals and education to the Sakti employees, all of which has suffered permanent war injuries or the loss of immediate family members.
Raj Janan “Janan” (left) and John Tastad “JT” (right)
lived the majority of their lives in different countries but
when their paths crossed
in 2001 they became immediate friends and
long term business partners.
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Taking Care Of Our Communities

We currently work with 32 coconut growers’ co-ops, totaling 150,000 members. Members own 3 to 300 trees. We enable coconut growers to earn more money through selling their coconut husks instead of discarding them. We are working with the growers’ co-ops and providing 20 brush-making machines for each co-op, along with education and technical expertise. This allows us to offer employment to 600 more people. Sakti Agro donated an acre of land for a school, which has already welcomed 30 kids! In addition, we opened the doors to a women’s clinic, a small children’s library and a playground. A village administrative office was constructed as a help center where the local population can freely express their unresolved problems, and we will help within our jurisdictions to resolve them. Dozens of PC tablets were donated to the Nuffield School for the Deaf and Blind in Jaffna where nearly 100 children were introduced to computer science through


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