How Can we help you grow?

Sakti Agro is the world’s foremost supplier of premium coco peat and coconut byproducts. All shipments carry an accompanying lab report guaranteeing each shipment is free of harmful bacteria, pathogens, fungus and/or chemical additives.

Guaranteed to be effective for up to 5+ years, our coco peat is an ideal growing medium for large-scale and boutique farms around the world.



Maximum shipping time for containers to any corner of the world is approximately 5 weeks. 

Middle East = 1 week

Europe = 2 -3 weeks

USA = 4 weeks

Far East = 2 - 3 weeks

We use Federal Express for shipments throughout North America. DHL is our preferred carrier for international shipments.



Samples are available upon request and will ship from Sri Lanka or our U.S. Headquarters in Iowa within 24 hours of receipt.

All samples will be shipped with an accompanying lab report outlining its quality and purity.